Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015

Viking Girl III.


And I revisited her yet again! =^.^= I sketched her back in Nov. 2013 in my back then new sketchbook as part of a contest. I never submitted the image, because she didn't look viking enough. But I always liked here.

I while later I painted her in photoshop again. But somehow messed up her face, which resulted in losing a lot of her character.

Now in regard of my personal challenge (inking and colouring all pages in my sketchbook) I revisited her again. She was already coloured, but very pale so I spiced her up. I really like how it came out and I'm getting more and more comfortable with copic markers.

Here the links to the old versions: sketch & digital 

coloured version of my viking girl (sketchbook, ink, coloured pencil, copic markers)

Sonntag, 15. Februar 2015

Hermione studying as always


Hi guys, it happened again. I'm currently really enjoying to fill my sketchbook with color, so here the main part of the second page - my Hermione ♡ Original sketches are from Nov 2013 >> Link

close up of hermione (sketchbook, ink, colored pencil, copic markers)

whole sketchbook page (ink, colored pencil, copic markers)

Montag, 9. Februar 2015

Character Portrait


After deciding to fill my sketchbook with color I still wanted to keep sketching and create new stuff. Simply now I would directly ink and color them so that my sketchbooks will never be grey again : D

One evening we had a lot of friends over for D&D and one of them asked me if that's a sticker book? (pointing at this page of my sketchbook) Haha. Due to the bold egg shaped background it must have seemed that way from afar^^

character sketch (sketchbook, ink, colored pencil, copic markers)