Mittwoch, 18. September 2013

Knight - Promotional Art


Hey guys, here now the final knight promotional art. Having all four of them completed yet. I started to add in the backgrounds and logo as well.

knight promotional art (photoshop cs6)

ranger promotional art (photoshop cs6)

berserker promotional art (photoshop cs6)

Dienstag, 17. September 2013



Hello! Today I was in a creative mood. And so I started to block in some shades of grey to define foreground, middle ground and background. Afterwards I threw lines over it. And tadaa a guideline for a painting was created :D Hope I will find to work further on it soon. See yah!

basic sketch & values (Photoshop CS6)

Sonntag, 15. September 2013

Imaginative work


Hey guys, today I decided to see how much I still now about human anatomy so I painted a naked girl. Having in mind that I normally do lines only, I think this is pretty good for me.

girl from imagination (Photoshop CS6)

Freitag, 13. September 2013

'Noble' logo


Today I finished up the game logo for Pyrrhic Studios' 'Noble'. I learned a lot creating it. Logos are one of the most difficult things to create. At least for me :)

game logo (photoshop cs6)