Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

Female Anatomy


So like promised here are some anatomy studies, focusing on the torso area. Also trying to understand the underlying muscles and bones. I started doing photo studies and then tried to draw the same girl again, only this time from my memory without looking at the photo reference or my drawing of it. Also I'm still trying to figure out how I can give volume in photoshop without going into detail and spending to much time on it. I think I'm getting slowly the hang of it :3 Ah, and I traced the outline by the photoshop photo study, because it wasn't the kind of study I was going for.

warm up page + memory training (colored pencil + graphite pencil 6B)

memory training (copic markers + graphite pencil 6B)

random stuff from imagination, ref and life (copic markers + graphite pencil 6B)

doodles (graphite pencil 6B)

photo study, concentrating on creating volume through focusing on light and shadow areas and transitions (photoshop cs5)

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