Montag, 7. Januar 2013

Qualifying test


I'm currently working on a qualifying test for a job I applied to :3
I will show you what I did, after I got feedback. So wish me luck :)

So you will only see my warm ups for the next week...

30 min gesture drawing class (graphite pencil 6B)

30 min gesture drawing class (graphite pencil 6B)

So now here is the stuff I did today for the qualifying test. Task is to draw a pirate and three symbols (ship, anchor, saber). For all of those I have to do sketches and for the pirate and one symbol I have to do a full rendering in photoshop. I gave me 'til next monday for this task.

gestures and base model (pencil)

putting clothes on (pencil)

defining colors (photoshop cs5)

doing traditional rendering (graphite pencil)

thumbnail for ship (graphite pencil)

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