Montag, 11. März 2013

Freelance work

Hi guys, today is my first day of working freelance as a 2d artist. I'm working together with Javier Bryan who is an independent games developer creating a 2d side scroller. More about his game you can find out here. My tasks include the character design of the main character as well as enemies. Besides that I do the character animations, backgrounds and tiles for the first three levels of the game.
Javier was so nice to allow me to share my progress with you guys. So here it goes.

First of the initial concepts for the batman like main character. He choose concept 24. And some scribbles to figure out how I want to animate his cape. I'm completely new to 2d animation. So let's see with what I can come up with. Till tomorrow!

initial concepts (pen in sketchbook)

first version of the main character (photoshop cs5)

initial thoughts about how to animate the cape (pen in sketchbook)

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