Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013

Project finished!


It's over =(( All assets for Javier are finished and so our work together ends. At least for now. He mentioned that he thinks about making another small game at the end of this year. It would be great to work with him again =)

Besides that I did another one of those imaginative sketches. Don't ask me what it is supposed to be, I couldn't really concentrate :/ Also did some more color studies.

But now on to the good news, or at least I hope they will turn out good. Currently I'm in negotiations with a start up based in Boston. They asked me to do one of their characters in the style I would imagine for the game as a little test. I didn't had much time for it today, because I had to finish up the work for Javier. But I at least did manage a fast sketch and will do another one for them on Wednesday when I'm back! So hopefully I will have a new job soon and can keep learning and improving while doing actual contract work.

final pause screen (photoshop cs6)

first idea for the application icon (photoshop cs6)

second idea for the application icon (photoshop cs6)

final application icon (photoshop cs6)

imaginative colored sketch (photoshop cs6, 30 mins)

color studies (photoshop cs6)

wizard ideas (pencil/pen in sketchbook)

wizard development (photoshop cs6)

wizard for the qualifying test (photoshop cs6)

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