Montag, 10. Februar 2014

Valentins Day - ArmorGames Contest

Hi guys!

I'm quite proud of myself right now. I always plan to participate in contests, but I never get over the state of the initial concepts. This can be out if different reasons. Something else came up, no time, being intimidated by the concurrence or I just can't get it to look like I want it to look. Which is stupid! Because at least for me, contests aren't about winning. They are about tackling an issue, I normally won't, getting out of my comfort zone and learning a heck while doing so!

That said, I'm totally happy that I actually participated in a contest and went through with it until the very end. Here you can see my entry for the Valentins Contest from ArmorGames. Task was to create an avatar (100x100 pixels) to this topic. I personally really like how it came out!

Story: I'm sure everyone realizes that Amor himself must be doing this job for ages already. That said he is quite sick of taking care of all the high expectations people have on Valentins Day every year. So he started to think like a business man. Now he has a lot of employes which do the work for him. How does he pay them you ask? Easy. Companies like ArmorGames want to spread some love and give back to the community. That said they asked Amor to send someone appropriate for the job. Someone who gives a hint, who we have to thank for all the love ;)

PS: I hope the little helper manages to give all the love before he drops out of the sky of exhaustion.

Based on a simple idea: Amor + Armor = A(r)mor

I was really happy, when some of the admins thanked me for taking part and also published my work through the official ArmorGames-Twitter-Account. Not to mention that they are following my twitter account now <3

Enough rambling. Here the final entry as well as the 500x500 work size I created this little fellow on!

avatar (digital painting, photoshop cc)

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