Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2015

World Design


Hi guys! I personally really like to design buildings, characters, etc. Simple verything you need to define a world. But (for now at least) I don't have any ideas for stories which might take place in it. That said I always gave up really soon. Until I realised just recently that you can happily focus on designing worlds and people are still interested in it. =)

I'm sure that was obvious to a lot of people but I didn't have a clue beforehand. So here some sketches for the home of one of the shown characters and different takes on the characters silhouettes. Enjoy!

(colored sketch of the three characters two pictures below, fine liner, colored pencil, copic marker)

(from imagination, pencil in sketchbook)

(from imagination, pencil in sketchbook)

(pose corrections for the pencil sketch on the top of the second image, from imagination, pencil in sketchbook)

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