Montag, 21. Mai 2012

Getting things done...maybe

I thought maybe it would help me to improve faster, if I would finish one little piece everyday. Nothing fancy. Simply getting things done. So here is my first approach on that....I think I will refine it a little bit more tomorrow xD

b/w; concentrating on values (photoshop cs4)

first approach on color (photoshop cs4)

In the evening I read through a concept art sketchbook and tried to draw everything to what it inspired me...some stuff is reffed, some from mind. Look for the little "ref" and "imag" if you wanna know what is what :P 

the girls are reffed; the rest from mind (pencil)

perspective exercises and heads from mind (pencil)

all from mind; like the one on the left (pencil)

some eye studies and heads from mind (pencil)

the big guy in the middle and the little creature in the top right are reffed (pencil)

the silhouette, the bunny and the gnome in the right are reffed; I know I broke the neck by the girl in the middle :/ (pencil)

all from mind and pretty crappy (pencil)

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