Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013



Hi guys, today was our second day of working together. We didn't accomplish that much, because there was a lot of planning involved. But it's getting along nicely. So here is a little ball painted from life. Afterwards I tried to paint a similar ball from imagination in 5-10 minutes or so. And then I got the task to paint three additional balls with specific lightning in 5 mins out of my imagination. I needed 10, but nevertheless I never have thought I could have done it that fast anyway. So that's great! :D
And I finally found the courage to draw people on the way home, sitting in the train. I got a lot of strange looks, but it was really fun and you simple draw without thinking because you want to get it down as fast as possible because you never know when they move. Great exercise!

from life (photoshop cs5)

from memory (photoshop cs5)

from imagination; last one is the one above (photoshop cs5)

from life (graphite pencil)

from life (graphite pencil)

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