Montag, 18. März 2013



Hi guys, if you are wondering why there aren't any posts over the weekend. My iMac and/or Photoshop are hating me. Photoshop kept crashing all the time, no way to work this way. And after reading a lot of forum posts and guides how to fix this problem I decided to set up my iMac fresh. I never did this before it was running without problems for 3 years now. Besides that I also have a graphic error in my display. It's huge :( Seems like I'm not the only one with this problem, but after three years there is no guarantee which will take care of the costs :/

Does someone else now this problem?

Okay but back to business. Now my iMac is fresh, somehow the Photoshop error disappeared and I'm happy about that at least :) So here the walking animation of the power ranger like enemy. I try to give all characters a similar walking animation for consistency. Except for the spawn one. He is like a bad ass enemy so he gets a special one. Stay tuned!

walking animation enemy #2 (photoshop cs6)

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