Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013

Color studies


Hi guys, today is all about color. Taking the pieces of some old masters and really getting the colors right is much harder than it sounds. Really love this assignment. Some match up pretty well others need a closer look. But it's fascinating when you are done and start putting the reference and the study next to each other at the same size at a new sheet. Then the truth will be revealed. Haha.

Also today I was in the Google Office here in Berlin as part of the Mentorship Program I applied to and luckily got in. It was amazing. And I think through this, which will help me to improve as freelancer and the art camp which will help me to improve as artist I'm on the right track to get a big step forward this year regarding my career and dreams. So I'm really looking forward to what else this year has to offer. Until now it already has been amazing =D

color studies 1-10 (photoshop cs6)

color studies 11-15 (photoshop cs6)

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