Dienstag, 10. März 2015

Portraits from Imagination


Best day ever! I met with a new possible client today and it was great. He is really nice, knows exactly what he wants and we agreed on the contract :3 That said for the next two months I will be flooded with work, but I will try and keep up my daily sketches.
Yesterday evening I went to celebrate with a friend of mine over dinner which we also used to draw. I don't like the little fellow above very much but I learned a lot. You will see what I mean in my next upload tomorrow : )

portrait profile from imagination (sketchbook, pencil, copic markers)
After I drew the last sketch, I felt really bad because I didn't like it at all. That said as soon as I was home I sat down again and drew this little fellow. And I'm in love! I'm slowly getting the grasp of where to discontinue lines, where to increase their thickness and how to hatch. Also he looks like a man, which for me is amazeballs! Normally all my characters have one face which is very womanly, haha ^^

portrait from imagination (sketchbook, pencil)

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