Montag, 2. März 2015

Princess Bubblegum

princess bubblegum (w.i.p., photoshop cc)

I really love 2015. I made a lot of decision which hopefully will help me to grow as an artist and a person and therefor I'm really excited to see the results end of the year. For now I just enjoy the journey until then.

One of those decisions was to start doing fanart. I mostly kept away from it in the past, because I somehow feel it limits you in your creativity. Because the design, clothing etc is already defined. But the good thing about it is, that you really can concentrate on an interesting composition, pose and art style.

So here are the sketch, lines as well as flat colors for my interpretation of Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time. I love this series a lot! ♡

I created my own costume for her based on the original design and went with my own color palette as well. Next will be the rendering. I really would love to give kind of jelly see-through hair.  Let's see if I will manage ;)

princess bubblegum (sketchbook page, pencil)

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