Sonntag, 22. Juni 2014

Testing out an art style


Big disclaimer upfront: This isn't my art style. I just wanted to try out something new and see what I like and don't like about it. I try to look up the original artist, because her paintings are amazeballs.

After I drew the face of my character based on her faces I kinda got the hang of the skin color and then colored the rest of my characters body out of my imagination. My original sketch you can find here.

I really like the skin and her lips but her eyes are way to doll like. They creep me out quite a bit :D :D

sketch from imagination, face rending = study, body rendering = applying what I learned (photoshop cc)

The second sketch I drew a few hours later to see how much I still remember. The skin isn't as smooth but I like her face overall much more. Less creepy. 

I think trying out different styles which you like will help you grow as an artist. Because you will only adapt and keep elements you like. For example certain color combinations, shape of the lips, etc. That way you still can create your own style. As long as you don't copy other peoples art one to one and claim it to be your own I think it's a great learning experience. 

from memory (photoshop cc)

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